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Sahih Bukhari

Sahih Bukhari

Sahih Al-Bukhari covers almost all aspects of life in providing proper guidance from the messenger of Allah. Translated into English in a very easy & simple language, so that all readers can understand it without difficulty. This summarized edition of Sahih Al-Bukhari has Arabic text with corresponding English translation side by side.

  • writer:Imam Bukhari
  • editor:Mika’il al-Almany
  • print-shift:First

Hadith Al Thaqalayn, the Deposed Will of the Last Prophet to Humanity


Toyib Olawuyi’s fourth book refuting Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah’s Minhaj al-Sunnah addresses a major cause of concern for Ibn Taymiyyah and his followers: Hadith al-Thaqalayn – the traditional comment on the authority of the Qur’an and the family of the Prophet (pbuh).

  • writer:Toyib Olawuyi

Imam Al Mahdi, The Twelfth Khalifah in the Sahih Sunni Ahadith

Who is the Mahdi of Islam? According to both Sunni and Shi’i Muslims, the “guided one” will rise during the end times to conquer all nations. With Jesus Christ, he will bring an end to aggression and injustice, and will establish the Kingdom of God on earth. However, Sunnis and Shi’is disagree about the identity […]

  • writer:Toyib Olawuyi
  • isbn:978-1505733433
  • print-year:2015

2,500 Adages of Imam Ali

This is a humble translation for a book that can be considered modern, but the information it contains are of antiquity. This is the book of “2500 adages for imam Ali (puh).” The book might not contain exactly that number of adages but it might be some number around that.

  • writer:Imam Ali (a,s)
  • publisher:Global Grey
  • print-year:2015

Pearls From the Prophet (SAW)


Hadiths or Traditions are the records of the utterances, discourses, practices, usages, sayings and the way of life led by Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) ever since he assumed prophethood in the fortieth year of his life (609 A.C.) to the year of his death (632 A.C.) when he was 63 years old…

The Land of the Lovers Vol 1 – 2


According to Fiqh E Jaferia….. An Exposition on Imam Zainol Abedin (as)’s “Sahifeh Sajjadieh” An in-depth research work and interpretation on this great collection of invocations. The writer in his book first presents a short biography of Imam Zayn Al-Abedin (a.s) and then interprets beautifully all of 54 invocations of “Sahifa Sajjadiyah” Original Arabic text…

  • writer:Imam Zainol Abedin
  • editor:Hujjatul Islam Husayn Ansarian